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NNSE Member and Supporter News - January 2021



Welcome to the first North Northants Social Enterprise Network member and supporter newsletter.

I'm sure we all have a busy, interesting year ahead as we tackle the local and global challenges we face for our organisations, whether representing a social enterprise or not.

2021 also presents great opportunities locally especially with the launch of the North Northants new unitary authority in April. 

By connecting and collaborating with each other through our network, increasing understanding of social enterprise, building strong external partnerships and promoting what we all do we will be in a good position to show that local social enterprises can all in some way provide many of the solutions needed.

What's a Social Enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business which exists to solve a social or environmental issue and ploughs most or all of its profits back to help do this.

  • They are found in many sectors such as housing, leisure, health, transport, training, education, media, business services, energy and more.
  • They may be CICs (community interest companies), charitable companies, housing associations, credit unions, trusts, companies limited by guarantee or other not-for-profit legal structures.
  • Social enterprises are independent of the public sector but often work in partnership with local authorities as they have many shared aims.
  • There are many social enterprises in our area providing benefits for all.

Local Social Enterprise News

  • Accommodation Concern are recruiting an Administrator/Coordinator, applications close 31 Jan  .
  • Shire Sounds Radio CIC announced on 12 Dec they have expanded their community radio station to cover the whole North Northants area.
  • The first NNSE online network event took place on Mon 30 Nov via Teams with representatives from eight of our local social enterprises.
For more information visit the News and Jobs section of our website


How We Can Help Each Other

  • If you haven't already, take a look at our website to familiarise yourself with some of our local social enterprises.
  • If you are (or know of) a local social enterprise not listed on our website, please get registered with us and send us your details - it's free!
  • For those social enterprises already registered, look out for, complete and return our regular NNSE member updates and quick e-surveys for local social enterprises  - we need to know what you need! We can then see if/when we need a network meeting, whether we need to invite particular speakers etc.
  • Send us your local social enterprise news or job posts - we can feature them here and on the news section of our website. Press releases and images to:
  • Tell other local social enterprises they can sign up to be featured on our website - strength in numbers will help us all.
  • Follow and tag us on facebook and twitter @NNSEnetwork - so we can easily repost/retweet and flag up opportunities.

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About NNSE

North Northants Social Enterprise network is a voluntary, member-led, non-funded organisation set up to connect, promote and support social enterprises across North Northamptonshire - Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough and East Northants. 

Thank you for your interest and support. Please forward this newsletter to anyone who may be interested.

Coordinator: Alison Holland of Brightkidz social enterprise based in Kettering. 


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Photo credits: various local social enterprises, see for more details

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